Early Years

In Year R we have celebrated two weddings.  One was a Muslim ceremony and one was a Christian wedding so we could see how they were the same and different. 


People Who Help Us

To help us learn more about our topic we have had lots of visitors come to see us and explain about their important jobs. 

Mr Critcher showed us how he fixes street lights, we watched him go higher than the school!

Mr Horsely told us all about being a nurse.  He taught us some first aid and how to bandage each other.  Mr Kite explained about his job with the RSPCA and the variety of animals he has to catch and look after.  Mrs Just from Okeford vets told us how she treats the animals in her job as a vet.  We also had visits from PC Hall and firefighter Beagent how told us about the jobs of the police and fire brigade.  We have enjoyed pretending to have different jobs and helping each other, we asked lots of questions to find out more. 


We had fun during our jungle week and loved our jungle themed face paints.

Spring Term in Year R

We have enjoyed jetting off around the world to find out about animals, people, food and cultures.  From investigating ice and igloos in the Artic to camouflage in the jungle there has been so much to learn.  We also liked celebrating Chinese New Year with a dragon dance and delicious Chinese foods. 

Here we are getting ready for our Dragon Dance.

We Year R made horse shoe decorations for the St Clement’s Day tree at Finch Foundry.
We visited the foundry to deliver them. Also, we watched a real blacksmith at work and the foundry machines working.

We celebrated Diwali by lighting the clay Diva lamps  we made, making Rangoli patterns and creating cards as well as acting out the story of Rama and Sita.
Follow this link to complete some more Diwali activities:

Autumn in Class R

We went exploring in the fields and found lots of interesting autumn leaves, seeds and berries.  We made our own memory sticks, collages and patterns with all the things we found. 

Our first assembly

We enjoyed our first class assembly.  We all held up the portraits we had painted and spoke clearly in front of the whole school.