Early Years

Welcome to the Year R page.  We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning. 

Summer Term 2019

We have really enjoyed our Fairytale topic.  We have acted out stories, written our own and described characters. 

We had a teddy bears picnic, treasure hunt and teddy races with the children from Little Beacons.

Spring Term 2019

We enjoyed a fantastic day at Paignton Zoo.  We were able to describe lots of different animals and identify where they live on a map.  
We have enjoyed a range of visitors in class this half term.  They have told us about their important jobs.  We enjoyed seeing Mr Critcher go very high up in his cherry picker, learning how to bandage and hearing the siren on the police car. 

A great way to start the new year was to give our learning a Superhero theme. 

Autumn Term 2018

Stacey came to visit us from the Dog's Trust.  She brought Midnight, her toy labrador, to tell us all about how to be safe around dogs.


We have started off our time in Year R by enjoying an 'All at Sea' topic.  We have learnt about sea creatures, investigated items that float and sink and had fun making various sea themed pictures and craft.  We also made pirate wanted posters and maps before completing our own treasure hunt around the school.  We were excited to find the 'tasty' gold coins and share them out. 


Below is archieved learning information relating to the Year R class of 2017-18 

We enjoyed taking part in the school Multicultural Week July 2018

Year R Weddings

We enjoyed celebrating two different types of wedding ceremony.  We compared how Christian and Muslim traditions had similarities and differences.  


Superhero Topic

We have had fun during our Superhero topic.  

We have investigated magnetism and carried out strength tests as well as making comic strips and building traps to catch 'Evil Pea'.   


We enjoyed World Book Day (although it was a little delayed due to the snow).  We dressed as book characters and talked about them, Year 4 children read books to us and we took part in the bring and buy book sale.   

We had snow this March. 
Year R enjoyed a fantastic day at Paignton Zoo on Friday.  To support our topic this half term we saw a variety of real animals from different places around the world.  In particular, there was a friendly ostrich, a very noisy lion and several hungry giraffes that came to see us.  Thank you to the staff that gave up their time to come along and supervise and well done to the children, all of whom behaved well and were a pleasure to take. “

We are Year R.  The class of 2017-18