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Year 6  Residential - Thursday

The children all slept soundly despite an extremely rough and stormy night and they all needed waking up this morning - I think they'll be tired by the time they get home. By 8:45, we were washed, breakfasted, had made lunches and were on our way to Bradford.

Our visit to the Science and Media Museum began with a show - Light it Up in the Wonderlab. This required lots of audience participation and new dance moves and resulted in a lot being learnt about the science of light and how to investigate scientific ideas. We loved it! We then had a half hour slot in the Wonderlab studio where the mirror maze was certainly the star attraction. 
Filled with enthusiasm for all things scientific, we then headed to the iMax cinema, donned our 3D glasses and watched 'Tiny Giants' - a fantastic film about the struggle to survive for a tiny chipmunk and even smaller grasshopper mouse at opposite ends of America. The visual effects were amazing and, despite some worrying moments in the middle, both animals made it through alive.
Following lunch, we had time to explore the rest of the museum. The boys particularly enjoyed the Games Room whilst the girls explored a rather wider range of activities. We're now heading back to the Bunkbarn. There's sausages for tea and then it'll be time to begin the big pack and clean-up ready for the journey home tomorrow. The week has flown by and we're so proud of all the children - they've been a real pleasure to spend the time with.

Year 6 Residential - Wednesday