Year 1

During this term we have enjoyed spending time in the new Forest School Area.  There is so much to explore and learn from being in the woods.  So far we have made forest puppets, looked for bugs, played on the swing, learnt how to balance on the balance blocks, played tick tack toe with pebbles,  sorted leaves into different colours to learn about the seasons, drank hot chocolate and lots lots more. 

Here are some pictures of our time in the Forest School Area.

"Look I found a bug!"

Lighting the fire for hot chocolate. Bug hunting.

Mmmm. yummy hot chocolate!

In R.E. we have been thinking about places that are special.  We visited Saint Mary’s Chapel as it is a special place for Christians. We noticed lots of things in the chapel that made it special like flowers, candles, a bell, coloured glass windows a cross and a bible.  We then thought about a place that is special to us.

Every Thursday morning we read with our reading buddies.  We love reading to them and they are such good role models. 

Year 1 Art with Mrs Love
As part of the Victorians topic, we have been looking carefully at some Victorian artists. We drew portraits of Victoria and her children. We also looked at paintings that tell a story, like Sleeping Beauty by Edward Burne Jones. We looked at his stained glass windows and used bright wax crayons to decorate our own classroom windows.
This term we are thinking about where we live and have just begun to make collages of our houses.


Safer Internet Week.

We have being learning about the internet and how to stay safe when using it.

We took part in an activity that showed us how the internet connects us to people all over the world. Even people we do not know! We noticed how it looks like a web!








These are some of the things the children came up with to keep safe on the internet:

we must always write and say kind words

we must tell an adult we trust if something is on the screen that we do not recognise or understand

we should only message people we know and ask our parents first

We should not put pictures of ourselves or other people online.

We must not tell people our address or name online

The children made some posters to tell other people about Safer Internet Day



This term we have been learning how to play the recorder. We can hold the recorder with our hands in the correct places and have learnt to play the notes B and A. We can also play rhythms using 1 beat notes and 1 beat rests to a backing track. This has helped us to listen carefully, count beats, keep the pulse and wait for rests. Hope fully we will be able to play a small concert at the end of the term to the Year 1 parents… this space!


On Wednesday 22nd of November Year 1 visited Willey Farm to learn more about farming and Seasonal Changes. The autumn weather was at fall force that day so we braved the wind and rain and wrapped up warm and headed for the farm.

After we had eaten our packed lunches in the barn, Farmer Dec took us for a tour around the farm.  The children enjoyed looking at all the different machinery that is used to help grow and harvest the wheat and rapeseed oil. It was really interesting to see the plants in the field and then the mountains of seed in the barn.

After battling with the wind and rain we took refuge back in the barn, where the children planted their very own bean. They made decorations to hang on the Christmas tree by painting their favourite animal on a disc of wood and hanging it with string.

Possibly the children’s favourite part of the afternoon was enjoying hot chocolate and marshmallows, which Jenna and Dec provided as an extra treat.

We had such a fantastic time at the farm and are hoping to go again in the spring or summer to see how the fields and plants have changed throughout the year.