Year 2


The Great Fire of South Tawton


Year 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London in History and building their own Tudor houses to link with this in DT. On Friday 23rd February, we were all excited to stage The Great Fire of South Zeal. We set fire to the houses and watched the smoke and flames spread along the whole street, destroying all the homes as it went. ‘I loved it!’ said Matthew whilst Bracken claimed it was the best thing she’d ever done in school.

Multiskills Festival 2017

On Tuesday 25th April, Year 2 went to Okehampton College to take part in the Multiskills Festival. We took part in a carousel of 8 fun activities which included throwing, catching, gymnastics, an obstacle course, football drills and running drills.

Parachute Games
We had some balls on a parachute and we had to move it up and down without the balls falling off. After that, we had to look at the colour that was in front of us. When that colour was called out, we had to go under the parachute and swop places. (By Imogen)

Football Drills
When we did the football drills we had to dribble the ball by running whilst keeping the ball close to our feet. When the man held up the red cone we had to stop, when he held up the yellow cone we had to change direction and when he held up the green cone we had to run. (By Chloe J)

Running Drills
As part of the running drills we had to run around some yellow cones. A man called Alan shouted out numbers. When he said 1, we had to put our right hands on the floor and then keep on running, for 2, we had to put our left hand down, for 3 we put both hands down and for 4 we had to jump in the air and shout ‘Woo!’ (By Lola)

In Year 2, we have been doing lots of brilliant book related activities. Through these activities we have discovered, explored, created, experienced and imagined all things book! We thought it would be nice to share what we have been doing with the rest of the school as part of our class assembly. We even dressed as our favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day.
Imagine… We listened to a description from The Iron Man and then drew a picture based on what we had heard.
Explore… Miss Bennett showed us an illustration from a book. She didn’t tell us what the book was called or read the story to us. We had to look closely at the picture and write down 10 things that we noticed.
Discover… We have been learning about Allan Ahlberg and have designed posters to show what we have learnt about him. We have enjoyed reading lots of different books written by Allan Ahlberg.
Experience… We watched Allan Ahlberg perform some of his own poems on the poetryline website. As a class, we enjoyed listening to the poems as many of them were quite funny. After we listened to some of the poems, we learnt ‘The Ping Pong Song’.