Year 3

Year 3 have been lucky to have a new class member…a rabbit! Ruby the rabbit joined us when she was just 9 weeks old. Mole Avon kindly donated a cage, food and other accessories for us to have in our classroom. Every week, two class members are pet monitors and they are responsible for making sure Ruby has enough food and water, as well as cleaning out her cage. Having a class pet has not only taught the children how to be responsible for looking after things but it has also helped with confidence and reading. Ruby loves having stories read to her and sits quietly and listens well during lessons. Everyday, we learn something new and interesting about Ruby. It’s fun to watch her when she’s happy and excited! She is very friendly and always enjoys a cuddle with us at the end of the day.


Year 3 Harvest loaves.


Inspired by Mary Berry, Year 3 had their very own British Bake Off! We looked at traditional designs for Harvest loaves and designed our own. We practised our plaiting skills and explored some corn sheaf designs. Once the dough was ready, we kneaded it until it was smooth and elastic. We then started to put our loaves together. After leaving the dough to prove a little longer, we saw our creations grow! Finally, we baked them until they were golden brown. We proudly displayed them in our Harvest Festival service at the church on Wednesday 28th September.