Year 4

Ruby the class rabbit

Year 4 have been enjoying spending some time with the class pet, Ruby. Each week, two children are chosen to be class pet monitors. They are in charge of cleaning out Ruby's home and making sure she is fed. Ruby enjoys having stories read to her everyday by the Year 4 children.

Robin Hood

Year 4 have been learning about Robin Hood in literacy lessons. We have written adventure stories, newspaper reports and poems. We also created some wanted posters which are shown in the photos below.

Forest School

Year 4 had their first Forest School session his week. We loved the look of the new area and all that it had to offer. We learnt about the various trees in the area and made our very own owls from clay. We are looking forward to our session next week!

Teeth investigation

In science, we have been learning about teeth and their functions. We decided to investigate the affect different drinks have on our teeth. We left eggs in different types of drinks over the week and recorded the changes we saw each day. We concluded that the best drinks for your teeth are milk and water, whereas, the worst drinks are very sugary and acidic drinks, like coke, energy drinks and apple juice. The shells on these eggs became very discoloured and started to peel off!

Ancient Chinese art

We have been studying the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China in history lessons. We learnt about their art creations known as the "Three Perfections". This is painting, calligraphy and poetry. We had a go at creating our own Three Perfections using watercolour and chinese symbols.

Barton Hall


Last week, years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to go on a two night residential to Barton Hall in Torquay. The sun was shining for us as we enjoyed 3 packed days of exciting activities including: archery, abseiling, zip wiring, survival skills, a giant swing, problem solving, canoeing and many more. We kept fully energised with three delicious hot meals a day and a good night’s sleep. All of the staff and instructors at Barton Hall were supportive and helpful, allowing us to practise our team work skills and encouraging us to be independent. We had a fantastic (and exhausting) time away!




Year Four Art

This school year we have been very busy during art sessions. The children have become used to making their own decisions about the best materials for the task so we often have paint, felts, shading pencils etc all being used during the lesson.

We have had fun finding out about different artists and working in their styles. Some artists turned out to be very interesting people when we researched them on the internet.

During the summer term we will be developing our dragon drawing skills. We also hope for some good weather as it would be lovely to get outside and paint. We can explore splattering the paint and soak up the atmosphere of working outside, just like JMW Turner and Yvonne Coomber.

Year 4 and 6 trip to the Warner Bros studios in Watford

In November, Years 4 and 6 travelled to Watford to visit the Warner Bros Studio to learn all about the making of the Harry Potter film series. Not only did we learn all about how the costumes and sets were built and created but we also had a go at flying broomsticks and walking across the famous Hogwarts bridge. We had a wand combat tutorial and learnt how to effectively fight against Deatheaters and enjoyed a couple of glasses of Butterbeer! We really enjoyed discovering all of the special effects secrets and finding out how they created some of the magical creatures for the films. We were especially lucky because everything was covered in snow, even the beautiful Hogwarts model at the end. We had a truly magical day at the studio!



As part of our science lessons, we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We have been exploring the school grounds and investigating the local wildlife. We went outside for our learning to find out what birds, insects and plants were around us.