Year 5

Dartmoor Zoo visit- Wednesday 12th June 2019. 

Year Five were lucky enough to have a visit from Mitch from  Dartmoor Zoo. We learnt all about adaptation and clasification and were fortunate enough to meet some of the animals from the Zoo. We discussed the 6 main groups that we could classify animals into and recapped what all living things need to survive using MRS GREN to help us. We then thought about different questions that we could ask in order to classify different animals:

*Does it have a backbone? Vertebrates and invertebrates. 

*What is it covered in? Fur, feathers, scales.

*Does it lay eggs or give birth to live young?

*Is it warm or cold blooded? We discussed that warm blooded animals were able to keep their body temperature warmer than the air around them. 

We met Frodo the Tiger land snail and many of us were able to hold him.

We also met Django the western snub nosed snake. 

Lots of us held Dylan the crested ghecko. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and can now share lots of interesting facts with you!

Year Five have had a busy start to the new school Year. In Literacy we have been reading the text 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. We are enjoying discussing the story and looking at the text in greater depth. We devised our own alternative scenes in which David and Tucky told Mr Reynolds and Ann about finding  the German bomber plane. This links in really well to our History topic 'Britain since 1948' we have been able to reflect on how the war changed Britain.

In P.E we have been learning all about Netball and the rules of the game, as well as working collaboratively during our indoor P.E sessions to reflect on our own practise and that of others. 

Devon County Show

We went to Devon County show on Thursday 17th May 2018. We went as part of the wheelbarrow design competition. It was a wonderful, warm day. There were so many activities to enjoy such as bread making, virtual reality, crazy golf, seed planting, smoothie making and watching the animals parading around the ring. We all got so many freebies and frisbees we all had to carry extra bags around. We had an amazing experience and we didn't want to leave. Isabel, Stanley and Teddie. Year 5.


On Wednesday the 11th October, our year five class went to Okehampton to take part in a football and netball festival. They spent the afternoon completing a carousel of activities designed to develop a range of skills used in both games.

They  were coached by students from the college, many of whom were former South Tawton Primary School pupils. We all had a great afternoon and enjoyed working alongside children from other schools in our learning community.



 Year 5
On Monday 20th March Year 5 had a very special visit, two representatives from Touch Wood (Mrs Hendry and Miss Arnold). They started by reading us a story.  After that they asked us to get into groups of five or six. Miss Arnold gave us a card with rubbings from wood carvings and a plan of what we needed to create out of the pieces of wood that they had supplied for us. As a group we put together our pieces of wood and we lifted the frames onto the blocks of wood that Mrs Arnold had laid down for us. After that we fitted it together with metal pins. Every group had a frame of the house that would hold the roof up so that it wouldn’t fall on us, when we were in the house. 
After lunch Year 5 got to choose out of three activities, making rope out of sheep’s wool, thatching and weaving for the walls!
We weaved the walls by threading willow sticks through pieces of wood. We then put the bent willow in the walls of the house we had made.
We also did thatching by tying bunches of dried reed together and attaching them to a board with some simple knots and then we slid them on to the roof, it looked really professional.
Mrs Hendry showed us how to make string out of sheep’s wool. It was actually quite easy when you know how to do it. First you have to get some wool and then you pull it gently and put it on the floor in wisps. We had to twist it and then fold it in half, pinch it all the way up and then pull the wool tight.
In the afternoon, Year 5 had to pretend to be a painting with props from Mrs Hendry and Miss Arnold. It was extremely enjoyable because we got to go inside the house for photos.
By Bel, Alice, Amelie & Lani

@ Bristol

Year 5 went on the school trip to @Bristol. We did a murder investigation, the man that ran it put clues around the whole building. We found all of the clues and found out it was suspect 2. The bootprint was his, the shopping list was his and the cup of tea had his fingerprints on it. We took the evidence back to the lab and tested everything. We used a microscope and ethanol to help discover the suspect.

Seb Watts

Year 5 Football Festival

On the afternoon of Wednesday 28th September, Year 5 took part in a football festival, organized by OCRA and held  at Okehampton College.

During the first part of the afternoon, the children took part in a carousel of activities designed to improve their skills, which were then put to the test in a series of friendly matches.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to meet and make friends with other pupils in our learning community and access some expert football coaching.

Giant Swing, Barton Hall, by Tazi and Ed

On the last day Ed and I went on the giant swing, but we were in a different group to each other. You could either go all the way to the top or just half way up. The man who took us for the session was called Brandon and he told us to shout “STOP!” when we thought we were high enough, or we didn’t want to go higher. My partner was Teoni and Ed’s was Tom. We both went right to the top and it was really scary but fun at the same time.

Ed said: “The scariest bit is when you pull the releasing rope and drop down!”

Tazi said: “I think it was pretty fun because I kind of like really high things! It was so, so, so fun!”

We were so sad when the session was finished and if Ed and I could choose how many times we would do it again it would be 1000 more times, probably more. We loved it so much but sadly in a couple of hours we had to go. BOO HOO!

Ed and I had an amazing time. We wished we didn’t have to go but, at least we got to go home and see our parents!


When we were at Barton hall, we did lots of activities but the crate challenge was our favourite. We were attached to ropes and we had to climb up crates while people stacked crates. As well as that, we were taught to belay and backup belay. If you wanted to stop you could wobble the crates or you could get someone to push them over. One of us chose to wobble it and one of us chose a push. Both of us went up to twelve crates, although we did it separately. It was our favourite activity because it was wobbly and scary but it was very exciting and fun. The activity was about team work and helping each other. The scariest bit was when we were at the top and about to fall off.  The best bit was when you were just gliding in the air attached to your ropes. After that you would be slowly pulled down and feel like a birdie. Overall, it was our favourite because it wasn’t too scary and it was about teamwork. We had to rely on our team to get us as high as we wanted to go.

Izzy and Verity